About Us

About Us

We are group of farmers from (Talala Gir), origin of Gir Kesar mango in India. Our motive is to work for the benefit of all farmers of Gir Kesar Mango.Our intention of starting this online portal is to give 100% organic Kesar Mangoes to every Indian.
We objective is to change the experience of Mango Lovers with organic and best Kesar Mango. We aspire to connect with small farmers so they can get their well-deserved value and end of broker framework. We also want to build a strong people-orientated culture, corporate philosophy to create a performance-focused working environment and excellent customer service.

What is so special about Gir Kesar mangoes?

Kesar Mangoes are of different varieties and are named accordingly. The best variety – Gir Kesar – comes from a area called Gir, Talala, situated with in foothills of Girnar and which is known to produce the finest quality of the Kesar variety. After having eaten these mangoes one can say that Gods have really blessed India with this special fruit. These mangoes being the best in quality, size and sweetness are exported to many countries and thus have become famous not only in India but also in other parts of the world. Consecrated with fertile soil, sun and humidity the variety of Kesar mangoes, here in Gir, imparts a inimitable scent and has a distinct flavour.

How does the fruit mature and How to know whether the mangoes are ready to eat?

First of all, the raw mangoes are harvested from the tree. They are then laid on specially prepared hay stacks, where they mature the natural way. Eventually, as the fruit matures, the color of the mangoes turn from green to golden yellow and start imparting a unique and sweet aroma. This time is considered the best for packing these mouth-watering ripened mangoes.

You know mangoes are ready when they feel SOFT if you gently press it in your hand with fingers against your palm, when they smell sweet at the top, when they have rinkles on the skin. It is NOT necessary that mangoes will turn completely yellow the way they show it on TV, they might be semi green since they are naturally ripe.

How are the mangoes processed and packed?

The stage of ripened mangoes are determined by the time taken for transfer to the final destination of delivery. All mangoes are then thoroughly examined for any skin flaws. This examination is done prior to the mangoes being wrapped in a paper and are then placed in their subsequent compartments in such a way that the fruit are not in contact with each other. The exterior of the carton is made of strong 5 ply E-Flute. For further and enhanced protection of mangoes sheets are placed above and below the mangoes. Ultimately, each carton is then properly strapped and sealed making a long distance travel worthwhile. We generally send RAW mangoes, so that they are semi-ripe by the time it reaches destination.